Save Earth – Be Green

These days, every news paper is filled with various articles on global warming or pollution problems and much more. Some people are also saying that earth will be destroying in 2012. Scientist has proven all such stories wrong, but also has warned the entire nation towards the pollution problem. If the pollution is not controlled then defiantly the earth will destroy in nearby future. The increasing use of petroleum products, vehicles, industrial pollution and many more are some of the sources of pollution. However, government has got strict regarding this problem. Various laws and guidelines are mentioned or implemented which has shown good results. Not only that, the common people has also started taking the initiative to save our planet earth.

As the name suggest, Biodegradable bags are environment friendly. Looking at the essential requirement of the bags in our daily routine as well as the problem of pollution the biodegradable bags are made into use. All the essential properties such as high carrying capacity, resistant and trendy which are required in the bags are flowed in such bags. The most important of all is that it is environment friendly, so its usage and marketing is also done on a large scale. People are encouraged to use such bags and more efforts are made to make it more attractive with different prints and patterns, so that people can carry such bags with style. These days, various seminars and presentations are also given in various colleges and schools, to make students also aware about such environment friendly bags.

In industries there are millions of tones of various products manufactured every month. However, such products are then packed and sent to other places. In this, packaging, the plastic were used most widely. But, that was not environmental friendly at all. It is a non biodegradable substance and so it creates an imbalance in the environment. Also, in the packaging technique lot of waste was gathered which was of no use. Thus, it increases the pollution. However, to make the environment safe the biodegradable packaging was implemented. Biodegradable packaging materials are made from the simpler polymers which can be easily degraded. When buried into the ground, the microbial actions will decompose the polymer causing no harm to the earth or the environment. The biodegradable packaging is gaining grip in the market slowly. As the people are getting aware about the global warming and green earth, various other steps are also taken from different parts of the world.

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